Po-Chun Liu

劉柏村 個人照

Liu Po-Chun was born in Taiwan in 1963, and is one of the representative figures among the mid-generation sculptors. He obtained his MFA in Sculpture from École Nationale Supérieux des Beaux Arts, Paris, France, and is currently a professor of the Department of Sculpture and the dean of the Fine Art College, National Taiwan University of Arts. He has won innumerous prizes and awards, including prestigious awards in Taiwan such as the Wu San-Lien Arts and Culture Award and the Sun Yat-sen Award for Arts and Literature. He has been invited for exhibitions in Italy, Hungary, Romania, China, Japan, and Korea.

After more than a decade of studying carving, molding, and clay sculpture, Liu had possessed strong sculptural techniques. His five-year study in France later enabled him to have a systematic training in theory and sculpture history, giving him a comprehensive understanding of and insights into sculpture. His early works were mostly of molding that demonstrated his carving, molding, and casting skills. He is known for his metal sculpture in recent years. His works of steel forests and heroes guide the audience to contemplate on the so-called ideal nature and man. In concrete forms, his contemporary sculptures convey diversified meanings.


1963 Born in Taiwan
1991 Diplome des Arts Plastiques, École Nationale Supérieux des Beaux Arts, Paris, France
2004 Dean of the Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts(2004-2006, 2009-2011)
2011 Director of Yo-Chang Art Museum, National Taiwan University of Arts
2016 Dean of College of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts(-2019)
2019 Director of Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei Museum of Arts(-2020)

Solo Exhibitions

1991 “Event”, Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpetriere, Paris
1997 “Convergence and Divergence I”, National Taiwan College of Arts, Taiwan
1999 “Forms.Separating.On Site”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
1999 “Convergence and Divergence II”, Taipei County Cultural Centre, Taiwan
2005 “Between Concreteness and Buoyancy: Penetrating Space”, Ju-Ming Museum, Taiwan
2006 “Body, Signs, and Spatial Expression”, Arts Center, Soochow University, Taiwan
2006 “Steel Construction Ι: Space, Body and Intermediary Texture”, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Museum of Art, Taiwan
2007 “Steel Construction II: Nature, Space, and Intermediary Texture”, Arts Center, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
2008 “Contrast & Reproduce”, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Gallery, Taiwan
2009 “Imitate & Summon”, Ju-Ming Museum, Taiwan
2010   Artworks presentation of the Artist Residency at Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp., Taiwan
2010 “Steel Forest” at National Taiwan University of Arts
2011 “Metallic Heroes and Demythification” Dong-Hun Sung and Po-Chun Liu Duo Exhibition, Ju-Ming Museum, Taiwan
2011 “Steel Incarnation”, National Taiwan University of Arts
2012 “Iron Man Transformation”, Seoul Royal Gallery, Korea
2013 “Steel Incarnation II”, Tamsui Smile Manor, Taiwan
2013   Artworks presentation of the Artist Residency at Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp., Taiwan
2013 “Altered”, International Art Fair, Taipei
2016 “Metemorphosis of Ironman”, Chini Gallery, Taipei
2018 “ Indefinite Museum’’ , International Art Fair, Taipei
2020 “Steel Romance“, Remarkable Art Cultivation Museum

Group Exhibitions、Symposiums

1988 Paris International Arts Exhibition
1988 French Government Scholarship Fine Arts Exhibition
1989 Chinese Educational and Cultural Centre, Paris
1992 École Nationale Supérieux des Beaux Arts, Paris, France
1992 Salon de Mai, Paris
1992 Bai-Shan Gallery, Taipei
1993 Taipei Asia Art Centre
1993 Joint Exhibition of the Faculty, Dept. of Fine Arts, NTUA, Taipei Fine Arts Museum
1998“Standing beyond the Landscape”, Theme Hall of Dun-Huan Art Centre, Taipei Art Fair
1998 Taiwan Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Ryukyu Islands, Japan
1999 Show-box Sculpture Exhibition Tour, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China
1999 International Art Symposium, Hungary
2000 Exhibited in Budapest, Hungary
2000 Japanese-Taiwanese professors’ joint exhibition, National Taiwan College of Arts, Taiwan
2000 Japanese-Taiwanese youth joint exhibition, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taiwan
2001 BAR GARM Nature Art Symposium, Austria
2001 1th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Huashan Art Center, Taipei
2001 International Art Symposium, Hungary
2001 Taiwan-Japan Sculpture Exchange Exhibition, Taipei
2002 MAMU Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2002 GRAZ Cultural Affairs International Art Symposium, Austria
2003 MAMU Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2003“Riding on Whirls”, Taichung Contemporary gallery, Taiwan
2003 “Restorer Mode I – Form and Site”, The Sculpture Magnetic Field, Taiwan
2003 International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Hualien, Taiwan
2003 “Restorer Mode I – Form and Site”, The Sculpture Magnetic Field, Taiwan
2004 Miercurea Ciuc International Art Symposium, Romania
2004 International Art Exhibition, Ulan Bataar, Mongolia
2004 Contemporary Technology Expo, Everspring Company, Tao Yuan, Taiwan
2004 “Embodying the Scenery of Ecology”, International Art Symposium, Ju-Ming Museum, Taiwan
2004 “Steel Set Up – Category, Element, Construction”, Chia-YI Railway Warehouse, Taiwan
2004 “Crossing Boundary- Wielding Together”, Kaohsiung International Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, Taiwan
2005 “Kuandu Extravaganza”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts
2005 “Contemporary Arts from Taiwan”, MMG Art Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2006 “Imaging the Nature”, Changhua County Cultural Center
2006 Trio Exhibition, Sincewell Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2007 “Taiwan-Japan sculpture exchange Exhibition”, Kao Yuan University, Taiwan
2007 International Steel & Iron Sculpture Symposium, Kecskemet city, Hungary
2007 Kaohsiung Giao-Tou Sculpture Biennial
2008 “In Art You Encounter Yourself ”, Da Xiang Art Space, Taichung
2008 “2008 Sculpture Exhibition of Taiwan’s vitality”, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taiwan
2008 “Art spotlight”, Taiwan New Arts Union, Taiwan
2008 “2008 International Mini Prints & Sketches”, National Taiwan Normal University
2009 “Matter Intermediary”, My Humble House Art Gallery
2009 “Sandarbh Art”, International Artist Residency in Derby, UK
2009 “Discourse‧State”, Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and National Art Museum of China.
2009 “Ma Tsu Exclusive Exhibition – A Constructing Prelude of Taiwan Sculptural pedigree”
2009 International Drawing Exhibition, Seoul Institute of Arts, Korea
2010 “Three Elements”, A Gallery, Taipei
2010 The Open-air Sculpture Biennial, Racconigi, Italy
2010 Icheon 13th International Sculpture Symposium, Korea
2010 “Steely Good”, Kaohsiung International Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, Taiwan
2010 “Blessing, Fortune & longevity”, Lu Kang International Art Biennial, Taiwan
2011 Seoul ISF 2011 Arts Hall International Sculpture Exhibition, Korea
2011 Nature Art Symposium, The Aggtelek National Park, Hungary
2011 Non-Iron Man Groups, Very Fun Park Art Exhibition, Fubon Life Building Outdoor Square, Taiwan
2012 Asian Contemporary Sculptors Exhibition, Heyri Art Valley, Korea
2012 “The Standing Art”, International Sculpture exhibition, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan
2012 Taiwan Biennale, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2013 “What’s ahead?” Formosa Sculpture Biennial, Kaohsiung
2013 Busan Biennale for the Sea Art Festival, Korea
2013 “Power, where does the beauty lie?”, Special Exhibition for the 25th anniversary of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, SOMA museum, Seoul Olympic Sculpture Park, Korea
2013 2th International Contemporary Sculpture of Art, Qingdao, China
2013 Exhibition in Ohtawara City Museum , Japan
2013 “Sculpture Space × 3D Club”, Capital Art Center, Taipei
2014 “Steel, Super”, Kaohsiung International Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, Taiwan
2014“Flower in Flowers”, Taiwan International Orchid Show (Arts Festival)
2015 International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition, Red Gold Fine Art Gallery, Taipei
2015 The Incarnation of Iron Men – The Deity, Very Fun Park @NTU Art Exhibition, Wan Tsai Research Hall, College of Law, National Taiwan University
2015 The Mountain of Iron Men, Very Fun Park Art Exhibition, Fubon Life Building: Plaza
2017 M Space, Formosa Sculpture Biennial, Kaohsiung
2018 “35th Annual Exhibition Scuplture Survey 2018, Comboc Gallery Sculpture Park
2018 “Ask The Way’’, Keelung Harbor Biennale, Keelung Cultural Center
2018 Indefinite Museum
2019 Dalseong Daegu Contemporary Art Festival, Korea
2019 China Art Today, Shanxi


1985 Gold medal in Tai-Yung Fine Arts Exhibition
1987 Provincial government’s medal in the sculpture category of the Taiwan Provincial Exhibition
1990 Award in Landscape Sculpture Competition, Ta-Shan Garden
1997 Creation award in Member Exhibition by Sculpture Society of the Republic of China
1997 Premium award in Landscape Sculpture Competition, Tiejhen Mountain Scenic Area, Taichung
1998 Foot awarded in Public Art Competition, Zhongshan pitch playground, Taipei
2002 First prize (Concerto) in Public Art Competition, Second Hotel in Wuling Farm
2004 First prize of Installation Art, Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
2008 Sun Yat – Sen Award for Arts Literature
2010 First prize in Public Art Competition, Hakka Affairs Commission, Taipei City Government
2011 First prize in Public Art Competition, Sanxia Veterans Home, New Taipei City
2011 First prize in Public Art Competition, National Dong Hwa University
2012 Wu San-Lien Arts and Culture Award
2015 First prize in Public Art Competition, Zhonghe Gymnasium, New Taipei City
2016 Best Environmental Integration Award, 6th Public Art Awards, Ministry of Culture
2019 1st Prize, Gaocheng Farm Pond Installation Art Commission Project, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taoyuan City Government


1987 Laid-Back, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
1993 Nude, Taoyuan Cultural Center
1995 How Man Relates to Houses, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
1995 Anxiety, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
1998 Guard, Taipei National University of the Arts
2004 Sketches Untitled I and Untitled II, National Museum of History
2008 Mail Cow, Yu Da University of Science and Technology
2008 Kiss, commissioned by Hwalong Development, displayed in Hwachien Villa
2009 Five Bronze portraits in Treaty of Peace between China and Japan, commissioned by Academia Historica, displayed in Taipei Guest House
2010 Iron Man Tree, Water-side Park, Icheon, Korea
2011 Non-Iron Man Groups, Side Profile, Shadow of Leaves, Shadow of Flowers, The Pier-2 Art Center, Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung
2012 Circle and Circle and Circle, Zong Tai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Taichung
2013 Multi-shadowed Iron Men, Yuhsiu Museum of Art, Taichung
2014 Profiles of Dragon, Musée de l’Homme, Paris
2015 The Transfiguration of the City-2, A.ROMA Lifestyle Hotel, Italy
2015 Strolling Between Giant Trees,Chiayi County Cildren’s Park
2015 Flower, Tainan Cultural Center
2015 Transformed Iron Man, White Rabbit Gallery
2015 Sitting On Clouds, Shelterbelt CLARK MIDORI & CASINO, Philippines
2016 Iron Man Tree, Chiayi Culture Creative Industry Park
2017 Garden Landscape, iian Cultural Center
2017 Flower non Flower, Tree non Tree、Xanadu ,Taoyuan Cultural Center
2017 Life of Imagery, Taoyuan Cultural Center
2018 Air Bongong 1, Taoyuan Cultural Center
2019 Anchor – Harbor, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Keelung City Government
2019 Iridescent Ironmen; Iron Man Tree, Taiwan Art Bank