Formosa Sculpture Biennial「M space」

2017 M空間
Exhibition date|December 29, 2017 to February 28, 2018
Exhibition venue| P3 Warehouse in the Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung


Exhibition work

Title|Altered Territory
Size|Dimensions variable


About the work

Slag from steelmaking and recycled scrap steel look like primitive rocks in strange shapes that came from the outer space, or remains found in burned ruins. Symbols of the human world and industrial society, such as the geometric structures formed by welding H-beams together and muscular human figures that piled up a tower reaching high into the sky, are scattered in between. Under the mysterious green light, such intriguing alignment, like a metaphor and fantasy, forms a stunning altered territory woven with artificial and natural elements and fused with constructive and disruptive images. With a preference for steel and iron, Po-Chun Liu seems to have revisited the material world of this industrial material-from soil, mineral, steelmaking, construction of building, to waste, slag, and soil–the cycle profoundly portrays the development of civilization and a certain existential chain from birth to death. Also, Liu has thus created an allegorical space that conjures two-way association between the “Big Bang” of the birth of the universe and “Collapse” that marks the end of the universe, and weaves a mysterious scene of the beginning of the world and the end of the universe, and previous incarnation in the future and the doomsday of the reality; he once again proposes the grand question about nature and civilization, progress and primitivity, and creation and destruction.(Text/Chun-Lan LIU, Wen-Ying SHE)

Quoted from: Chun-Lan LIU, M space: 2017 FORMOSA Sculpture Biennial, Taipei: Tung Ho Steel Foundation, 2017, p. 53.