2015 何以為度 劉柏村
Exhibition date|December 30, 2015 to February 29, 2016
Exhibition venue|The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung , Taiwan


Exhibition work

Title|Iron man Transformation
Size |Dimensions variable


About the work

Human body is a major theme of sculpture. The “Iron Men” series Liu has developed since 2009 incorporates different mighty and invincible bodies from different texts, especially the Buddhist concept of “indestructible vajra body;” as for the form, Liu transforms the classic body of a bodybuilder. His most iconic series then takes on a new look. The large “Iron Men” cut from steel plate using laser seems to be at the brink of disintegration or transformation, with miniaturized “Iron Men scattering around them. With two large and many miniature iron men, their drastically different scales form powerful contrast, reflecting each other’s largeness and smallness. Through this work, Liu erects a hero like a giant of the industrial civilization, and proposes at the same time confrontations and contemplations of an anti-hero. He hints the great power of men and also discloses their lowliness and insignificance. Body is a symbol and it forms the scale, measuring the dialectics between men, industrial civilization, and the world.

Quoted from: Chun-Lan LIU, Incommensurable?: 2015 FORMOSA Sculpture Biennial, Taipei: Tung Ho Steel Foundation, 2015, p. 113.