1st Prize, Gaocheng Farm Pond Installation Art Commission Project

2020 高城島風景-劉柏村
Exhibition date|2019
Exhibition venue|Bade Pond Ecology Park


Exhibition works

Title|The Scenery of Gaocheng Island
Artist|Po-Chun Liu
Material|Stainless Steel


About the work

The cattle and tree of this artwork were made to real life proportions, and are composed of bent and welded stainless steel rods fashioned into densely webbed, hollow shapes. Owing to steel’s characteristics, the piece can mirror the habitat and catch natural light and shadow, changing alongside the living environment. The surroundings, reminiscent of landscape paintings, complement the sketch-like composition of The Scenery of Gaocheng Island. The island foundation and tree are forged from tightly packed lines, accentuating the perpetually upward growth of the tree. Worthy of note are the numerous steel orbs adorning the tree’s branches, which not only reflect the nearby environment but also embody the phenomena of life and the multiple planets within the universe. They also symbolize the fruits of labor of the hard work placed into the development of this land throughout history.

Regarding the presentation of his work, Po-Chun Liu adopted the method that was the least disruptive to the natural environment; with the safety of the audience in mind, he installed his work in the center of the pond, located in front of the terrace at the park entrance. Through this small-scale island, Liu aimed to create a piece that would integrate and accentuate the local flora and fauna: a pond installation that attracts the birds to rest upon or aquatic plants to grow upon, transforms alongside the seasons and the environment, and also functions as a good photography spot. This work has achieved the best interactive balance among itself, nature, and visitors. The artist hopes to shape a new landscape belonging to Gaocheng Pond Park through the installation of this piece.