Art critic|Phillip King

The work of Po-Chun Liu

have come to know the work of Liu only in the last three years. From the outside both the man and the work look a bit wild, untamed and unpredictable. It seems as though Liu wants to have a bit of fun, and treat everything as a big joke. I don’t understand Chinese but I expect that there is quite a bit of poking-fun going on as well as self-deprecation generally. But, underneath the surface lies a serious and sharp mind that is thoroughly trained and tuned to carry out and deliver whatever sculptural inventions come to mind.
Liu is someone who has had a good training both academically and in the practice of sculptural techniques. He is thoroughly at home with the techniques of carving in wood and stone as well as metal work and other sculptural techniques, as he knows well the historical developments of sculpture in our modern era, and its wider aspects which enables him to also deal with social issues.
I prefer to begin with the work I most acquainted with and have seen at close quarters and that is the superman〔Iron Man〕series beginning in 2009.
Solo Exhibitions|2020 YunFeiFan Museum

Steel Romance

The “Iron Man” series has been the research direction of my personal creative journey over the past decade, as well as the most iconic collections of my metal expressions.This artwork as a symbol is to describe the social culture nowadays by using the steel material of the industrial field. Regarding to the subject of this series, people have a perfect vintage image of the muscle-man in an ideal: as a legend of the undefeated Vajra body in the Eastern Buddhism, is to mean that the people have a powerful body after the process of a practicing Buddhist. These serial artworks named “Iron Man ” are to imply the meanings as well as a strong, brave and fierce, unbeatable body in “Chivalric fiction novel”, “A fairy tale” or “A science-fiction movie” as a steel body.

Art Festival |2018 Taipei World Trade Center

Vajras of the Eight – dimensional Space

In mathematics, a sequence of n real numbers can be understood as a position in an n-dimensional space. When n equals 8, the set of all such positions is called an eight-dimensional space. This kind of space is usually studied as a vector space without any concept of distance. Simply put, it is an energy field condensed into a geometric structure.

  • 八方維度之金剛造像
  • 劉柏村 八方維度之金剛造像
  • 八方維度之金剛造像
  • 八方維度之金剛造像

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