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The revival of Taiwanese sculpture- the protean works of Po-Chun Liu

(圖一)巴黎人類博物館和人權廣場,2020 © Jean-Christophe Domenech - 國立自然史博物館(MNHN)
(圖三)《1001種思考世界的方式》,人類展廳,巴黎人類博物館,2020 © Jean-Christophe Domenech - 國立自然史博物館(MNHN)
Po-Chun Liu was born in Taiwan in 1963 and immediately demonstrated an interest in Nature and the complexity of its shapes, all contained inside immaterial networks of signs. Following his education in his native nation, he felt a need for different horizons, for alternative artistic views. He earned a degree in visual arts from Paris’s Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in 1991 and launched a worldwide career concurrently with his employment as a sculpture teacher. One may see Mount Kezilun 柯子崙山 ( 中和圓通禪寺步道 ) from his studio, which is located on the outskirts of Taipei. Men and trees have developed into a great network of shapes that greatly influence the world of art. A sculpture’s journey between earth and sky.
“The world shaped by technology inspires our desire for a second nature, which, dominantly, divides our view of Nature.”
Po-Chun Liu, Journal, September 11, 2009.
Po-Chun Liu’s sculptural art is an obsession- a chain of obsessions – with what might be a teeming, vibrant life or, on the other hand, with the pre-eminence of an imperious and ruthless Nature. This view is…
Solo Exhibitions|2020 YunFeiFan Museum

Steel Romance

The “Iron Man” series has been the research direction of my personal creative journey over the past decade, as well as the most iconic collections of my metal expressions.This artwork as a symbol is to describe the social culture nowadays by using the steel material of the industrial field. Regarding to the subject of this series, people have a perfect vintage image of the muscle-man in an ideal: as a legend of the undefeated Vajra body in the Eastern Buddhism, is to mean that the people have a powerful body after the process of a practicing Buddhist. These serial artworks named “Iron Man ” are to imply the meanings as well as a strong, brave and fierce, unbeatable body in “Chivalric fiction novel”, “A fairy tale” or “A science-fiction movie” as a steel body.

Public Art |2021 Bamboolake Magpie farm, Yangmingshan, Taipei City

Garden Landscape

Conceived from the image of farmers plowing fields by hand, the artist uses industrial means to replicate and interconnect the images of farmers to create a modern piece of steel art reminiscent of Chinese landscape painting. The hollowed outlines combine with the surroundings, framing the idyllic landscape within them. The piece serves as a reminder to visitors that their purpose for travelling….

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  • Garden Landscape
  • Garden Landscape
  • Garden Landscape

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