2018 Taipei International Art Fair

2018 八方維度之金剛造像 臺北國際藝術博覽會
Exhibition Date|October 25th to October 29th, 2018
Exhibition venue|Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1


Exhibition works

Title|Vajras of the Eight – dimensional Space
Artist|Po-Chun Liu
Materials|Steel, motor, LED color changing lamp, sensor device


About the work

In mathematics, a sequence of n real numbers can be understood as a position in an n-dimensional space. When n equals 8, the set of all such positions is called an eight-dimensional space. This kind of space is usually studied as a vector space without any concept of distance. Simply put, it is an energy field condensed into a geometric structure.

Medium: An octagonal column formed out of various Iron Men ranging from 20-80cm in size, with two people-shaped holes in the sides to allow audiences to enter. At the top of the column is an eight-dimensional see-through plane composed of lines, with a motor that rotates every minute and LED color-changing projection lighting.

Work Concept:A plane is defined by multiple points. If we view the universe as a point, then an eight-dimensional space is a plane in which several universes coexist. If we consider the various duplicated Iron Men of assorted shapes and sizes to be points within this art piece’s universe, then the octagonal column formed by these multiple points symbolizes the eighth dimension of the universe. As if standing in the future but displaying the face of today’s industrial age, this work signifies the existence, fluctuation, and disappearance of the value of things as time passes us by, manifesting one’s inner feelings of uneasiness towards life in concrete form.