2018Taoyuan Land Art Festival

2018 桃園地景藝術節 水漾飛機
Exhibition Date|September 14th to September 30th, 2018
Exhibition venue|Yangmei Tomioka


Exhibition works

Title|Air Bogong
Artist|Po-Chun Liu
Material|Stainless steel, bearing, automatic water spray device, color-changing waterproof projection lamp


About the work

  1. Using a pond as a sculpture base: There are 2,812 ponds in Taoyuan used for breeding or irrigation purposes, forming a unique and natural cultural landscape.
  2. The airplane symbolizes regional characteristics: Taoyuan is Taiwan’s international gateway to the outside world. Bogonggang Park in Yangmei, the home to this piece, is named after Bogong (the Earth God); his symbol, one of local religious significance, is fastened to the plane.
  3. The plane stands upright above the water in a human-like posture. It is a huge, lattice-shaped art piece made of stainless steel and iron, imbued with contemporary overtones. This work conveys the ideas of unique geographical features, natural and regional culture, as well as futuristic landscapes.
  4. This piece utilizes the flowing pond water as a source of energy. Through water pumps and pipes installed under the plane’s wings and controlled by pre-set programs, water is sprayed at intervals from flat pipes to produce a powerful, waterfall-like, rainbow water curtain. It merges agricultural life and technology and connects the local with an international perspective, pointing towards the stars of the future, while also opening our imaginations to even broader horizons.