Between Natural and Industries: Penetrating the Space

2013 自然與工業之間—穿透空間 東和鋼鐵企業 桃園觀音廠
Exhibition date|2013
Exhibition venue|Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp. Taoyuan


Exhibition works

Title|Between Natural and Industries: Penetrating the Space
Artist|Po-Chun Liu
Material|Steel, Motor, mirror, TV
Size|Dimensions variable


About the work

Therefore, to emphasize the phenomena between nature and industrial civilization, the expressive process highlights the rigid, heavy and cold nature of metals, and uses mechanical tools to cut out silhouettes of simplified shapes of trees from thick steel plates, while also enlarging the size to twice the height of men; as for the settings input to the computer, powerful laser machinery is used to cut hard and straight lines of writing according to each individual picture. In this amount of repeated and unlimited duplications, the parts are fastened and linked by screws to construct a continuity within the site through the rhythmic accumulation and expansion of the quantity; the flowing lines that have not been broken within the space suggest a continuous body and trigger the dense and disciplined skipping tempo of the form to further display the substantial and empty relationship between forms and space. To strengthen the rhythmic physical dynamics, two mechanical motors have been installed in the work; through their centrifugal rotation in response to different flexibility and ductility of steel materials, a pure fluctuating energy present within the inner existence is drawn out to mutually influence and spread throughout the entire supporting structure, so that the entire work seems to be slightly shaking. Also, through this conversion, the work itself is constructed into an autonomous organism, and the superficial physical quality is simultaneously depicted in the dimensions of the visual and tactile aesthetics of the same surface, enhancing the self-referred content of the surface of sculpture, which fluctuates with time and becomes interwoven in the space.

Therefore, a rich and thick forest accumulated through the plural forms has been orderly constructed by a single unit of the tree-shape image; the exhibition lighting illuminates the entire venue to stretch the shadows of the trees onto all surrounding walls. A faint sound of dripping water is broadcasted in the space, and the comfort level of the air conditioning and industrial electric fans with timing device are coordinated to further enhance the power triggered by the non-material medium elements. As viewers till remember the natural scenery outside the venue and feeling the humidity of the summer, they suddenly walk into this giant green venue in the shapes of trees, and perceive the difference of various types of spaces; they follow alone the work’s linear support and the path through countless gates, as they constantly suggest and guide the viewers through the work and venue. Therefore, when admiring a work of continuous and repeated layers of media that penetrate the space, viewers not only concretize the perceived sight and touch of the physical scenario at the moment, but also feel the consistency between the dynamics of their body and the space of the work as their perceptions respond to the interactive site of the work with light vibrations, lighting, and sounds, allowing the shadows of their bodies to comprehensively fuse into the space of the grid structure. They interweave and jointly construct to become an important element of the work. It is an active scenery of natural forest like a drawing, a kind of representation extraction of the true spatial nature of humanized nature.