1991事件 巴黎沙貝提耶
Exhibition date|1991
Exhibition venue|Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpetriere, Paris


Exhibition works

Title|Regeneration and reproduction
Size|Dimensions variable


Exhibition Description

While studying abroad in Paris from 1987-1991, Po-Chun Liu created this “regeneration and reproduction” series of works featuring the natural characteristics of wood. This series revolves around the concept of a return to nature to reveal its original form, that is, how the natural form continues to develop while growing, which can be observed through the rhythm of nature and the authenticity of natural material. The artist’s pieces capture the growth process of plants beginning from the shape of a seed, which simultaneously implies that an object’s form is determined by the physical laws of the growth process—just like a seed, a leaf, a branch, or a tree trunk are all shaped by an internal force. Therefore, artistic creation is nothing more than a language that reveals the characteristics of their chosen material through the use of machinery, and by combining these transformed materials Liu infuses them with meaning. The artist’s use of mass duplication emphasizes the difference between collectiveness and individuality. The manner in which his works are displayed highlights the arbitrariness of his placement, while also accentuating the open-endedness of his creations.