Keelung Harbor Biennale – Ask The Way

2018 問津 基隆
Exhibition date| September 25 to November 4, 2018
Exhibition venue|Keelung Cultural Center, Keelung City, Taiwan


Exhibition works

Material|Steel, LED light
Size|Dimensions variable

About the work

Boats are vessels that carry their own burdens and those of time passed, as well as the vast and distant hopes of others. Sculptor and installation artist Po-Chun Liu has created a metallic art piece with a “boat of time” with a rusted, dilapidated exterior as its central concept. Propped up by stiff steel chains, this boat emits blue light alongside the sounds of the ocean breeze and the lull of the ocean through the holes in its timeworn hull. Liu tries to evoke an impression of the sea and a sort of dense unity, in addition to conjuring a mood of unease and contradiction.