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2012 台灣報到
Exhibition date|2012
Exhibition venue|National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwansity


Exhibition work

Title|The Incarnations of Iron Man: Groups of Small Iron Men
Artist|Po-Chun Liu
Size|110×1×134cm each (90 pieces in total)


About the work

The figures in Groups of Small Iron Men, clearly smaller than the average person, were created with a reduced scale ratio in mind. These seemingly similar Iron Men are, in fact, the product of a single image which was repeatedly traced from the inside out, resulting in an end product akin to a topographical map. During the laser cutting process, the images are not fully cut apart but rather left attached at certain spots where they are pivoted and spread apart. Once these Iron Men are fanned out, they are still connected by their elbows, giving the impression of them standing in groups. Each group of Iron Men has their own distinctive presence, owing to their varying proportions and the angles at which they are positioned. Born from the concept of replication, these Iron Man incarnations are all unique in appearance and meaning. Continually stretching forward in their bodybuilder pose, the Iron Men suggest the ineffable affection humans possess for an industrial civilization.