The 2022 Sculpture by the Sea debuts on the Bondi Beach of Sydney, Australia Liu, Po-Chun representing Taiwan on the Stage of the International Sculpture Exhibition

The 2022 Sculpture by the Sea debuts on the Bondi Beach of Sydney, Australia-

Liu, Po-Chun representing Taiwan on the Stage of the International Sculpture Exhibition


Author:Lisa Chen

After two years, Sculpture by the Sea (SxS), one of the largest outdoor sculpture exhibitions in the world, finally returned to Sydney, Australia in October this year. More than 100 pieces of outdoor large-scale sculptures were displayed on this world-famed beach area, and the number of visitors from Australia and the world was close to half million.

Artist Liu, Po-Chun and his work “Green Iron Man”

This grand art event has been held annually since it began in 1997, but it had to be suspended due to the outbreak of pandemic. After the epidemic gradually eased, the 25th Sculpture by the Sea – Bondi reappeared on this two-kilometer-long coastline and extended trail from October 21st to November 6th this year under the long-awaited expectations of the public and artists. Underneath the blue sky and sea, the national flags of all artists participating to this exhibition stand high on the site. Taking a closer look, a flag with blue sky, brilliant white sun and wholly red earth appeared among those national ​​flags swaying with sea breeze, which is the national flag of Taiwan. Taiwanese sculpture artist Liu, Po-Chun was invited to participate in the exhibition, becoming the only representative of Taiwan among artists from nearly 20 countries this year. He successfully “flagged” in this international art event for his country.

Actively exhibiting in major fine art museums and art centers both domestically and internationally, Liu explores the relationship between man, nature and civilization with the series entitled “Iron Man.” Known as the “Green Continent”, the natural environment and prosperous vitality of Australia become the inspiration for the work “Green Iron Man” on view this time, through artist’s observation and feeling for this land. Liu’s Green Iron Man were loved by the audience at Cottles, Perth when first shown at Sculpture by the Sea – Cottles at the beginning of the year. The organization immediately invited Liu to participate in the upcoming SxS held in Sydney this October due to the popular demanding.

“Green Iron Man”。Aluminum alloy, Fans, Soil, Plants,220×370×450,2022

“Green Iron Man” is also a rare example of Liu’s sculpture piece made of aluminum alloy. The fan hanging in the center of Green Iron Man rotates with the sea breeze skillfully translates the invisible natural elements into readable visual images, adding a sense of humor to the artwork. Among the mostly statically presented sculpture works on site, this piece appears to be quite outstanding and eye-catching. The audience and visitors often stopped and admired the kinetic beauty and took out their mobile phones to record this dynamic scene.

Liu went visit Sydney upon invitation, where he was warmly welcomed by David Handley, the original founder of Sculpture by the Sea, and they took a group photo in front of the artwork in the pose of the Green Iron Man. Watching the national flag of his own county flying in remote country, Liu was deeply moved. He thought art as a far more powerful and effective media than politics in terms of international exposure and exchanges. Moreover, for the general public, outdoor sculpture exhibitions bring more intuitive and immediate aesthetic communication, which is very difficult to be replaced.