Steel Construction Ⅰ : Space, Body, and Intermediary Texture

2006鋼鐵架構1 新竹文化局美術館

Exhibition date|2006
Exhibition venue|Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Museum of Art


Exhibition Description

The theme and mode of the exhibition are unlike previous ones, as it is held on B1 and B2 of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Museum of Art. The venue has its own properties, as well as limitations, and adjustments and changes are needed. Therefore, I include the surrounding environment in the overall consideration of the works, and remodel the spatial ambience and layout. I construct the entire basement space into a unique black site: all the walls are covered by black fabric, and the only light sources are the lights inside the works. In addition to in-depth extraction and utilization of the metal materials, I use different constructs to explore different expressions, and interpret different conceptual aspects and contents. I also incorporate mechanical kinetic energy and video to interact with light and shadow, and wind, as well as audience, expanding the expressive vocabulary to proactively stretch and expand the space. Through in-depth interaction between the works and the site, I hope to delve deeper into the possible developments of the interface relationship between sculpture, space, and body. The main works are introduced below.



Exhibition works