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2008相對複製 國父紀念館

Exhibition date| 2008
Exhibition venue|Cuiheng Gallery, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


Exhibition Description

National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the life of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of R.O.C., and his revolutionary endeavors, as well as to promote his philosophy. The main construction was completed in 1972, and it was inaugurated some 38 years ago. The solemn architecture was designed to showcase traditional Chinese architectural features. The activities held here have the purposes of promoting Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s grand ideals and objectives of “Love,” “The World is for the Public,” and “The Greatest Aim in Life is to Serve,” so that the world learn to respect Dr. Sun’s ideals and character. Not only is it a place for visitors from around the world to pay tribute to Dr. Sun, the memorial hall is also a place of cultural and art education, recreation and leisure, and academic research. Located within Zhongshan Park with robust greenery, it has become a unique architecture in the East District of Taipei, and has introduced new trends to the cultural and art circles of Taiwan. Due to the unique quality of the site, its unique location and political background have become my creative references. Facing the political unrests at the moment, how to see through the site’s historical phenomena and convert it into formal factors of creative works, and enhance the site’s vocabulary and determine the significance of the works within the physical spaces?

With the current development of civilization, we are now living in an age of industrial machines. In response to the advancement of duplication techniques, the functions of formal vocabularies of art have changed to become more rapid and diverse, while also expanding the contents and horizons of expressions. In other words, artworks using duplication as an expressive means have become a temporal vocabulary. What is emphasized here is: the changes of the production conditions of the temporal environment have derived from the quantitative matrix spot of industrial mechanical duplication into multiple possibilities of formal thinking. How to present for the concept of duplicity rational existence of sculpture and showcase the cultural value of zeitgeist? To me, when using duplication, these are the criteria I use for the conversion of the images in the process. Duplication can be done through diverse method, which are showcased through the works of this exhibition. I propose methods of molding, mirroring, and sound collection, and attempt to recreate the correlation and difference in the process to discourse the content and meaning of duplication. The differences of the methods further emphasize the unlimited possibilities of the forms of the joint construct, as well as their different qualities. Rather than saying that the creative vocabulary of duplication is a methodology approaching purity and simplicity, and certain interpretive logics to achieve slight differences within the identical co-existence of the works, the works produce the discourse of content and meaning of the quality of unlimited forms in the process of relative duplication, while also consolidating the expression of the ideology of the life at the moment.


Exhibition works